My name is Jonathan Moy, owner of Moyzilla Food Truck. Moyzilla started as a series of crazy daydreams while sitting in my cubicle. Since graduating from Hofstra University in 2008, I had worked as an Analyst for a large financial services company. Given the economy, I went a few years feeling fortunate enough to be employed. The state of being content was overwhelmed by the increasing desire to share my true love of “New-Asian” Street Food with the city. In the summer of 2013 we took a big step and tested our concept at several festivals in the Boston area. The reception was amazing and the experience was unlike anything I had imagined. I was convinced that I had to bring Moyzilla to life, but how? A traditional restaurant would be impossible, financially. But…a food truck! Better yet, win a food truck! We applied and come painfully close to being a part of season 4 of Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race,” (our embarrassing casting video, including a Moyzilla Harlem Shake Dance, can still be found on YouTube…I will most definitely regret admitting this, I digress). Being rejected motivated me and reinforced my desire to get Moyzilla off the ground. A year later, with tremendous support from family and friends my dream has become a reality. Moyzilla rolled out in April 2014!

Our Food…


Our goal is to bring the freshest, most creative Asian street food and dumplings to the streets of Boston and beyond. We specialize in creative takes on the ultimate Asian comfort food, the dumpling! From our staple pork and napa cabbage dumpling to out-of-the-box ideas like our “Moyzilla Style” cheeseburger dumpling we passionately believe the dumpling is the perfect vehicle for yumminess.


Our love for dumplings is only matched by our love of classic and creative takes on all other kinds of Asian comfort Food: Moyzilla skewers with unique sauces, rice/noodle bowls, and inspired sandwiches and noodle soups – all using the freshest ingredients.


We only hope you enjoy eating our food as much as we enjoy serving you!